Our Vision

Retail Imaging is a Service Provider that offers customized support solutions to meet unique needs of regional and national clients. We focus on providing high quality service at a reasonable price. Our Core Competencies are Technical and Consumer Call Center, Onsite Field Technical Service, Project Deployment, Device Installation, Equipment Device Repair, Technology Solutions, and R&D.

Dedicated field service teams supporting all on-site photo equipment. Over 20,000 service events are managed per year.

One number to call for all OEM makes and models of equipment. 100+ photo dedicated agents supporting our customers.

Provide 24-hour Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) for customer specific photo kiosks, dye-sublimation printers, computers, and minilab Power/Control boards.

Management of photo and non-photo events such as: break-fix repair, parts installation, or on-site troubleshooting issues. Over 2,000 dispatches per month.

Order necessary parts to maintain and repair photo equipment. All part order shipments are tracked to coincide with any on-site technician activity. Over 2,500 parts orders per month.

Develop alternative options for expensive replacement parts for all makes and models of photo imaging equipment to reduce overall operating expenses.

Innovative design allows for efficient use of retail counter space and ease of service without the need for a technician.